How much space do you need for the photo booth?


We pride ourselves in our photo booth offerings.  We provide open concept photo booths, to accommodate large groups during your event.  Because of this, our booths require 10' x 10' space with a ceiling height of 8'.  We have worked with a smaller footprint. We have always made it work, please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about space.

Aren't photo booths just for kids?

Absolutely not!  Photo booths are one of the FASTEST growing event additions for one reason, it is fun for ALL!  Photo booths are great for young and old.Everybody loves to take their picture and what better than a photo booth to take the funniest kind of pictures, and to keep your guests engaged and entertained during your event.  Not only does everybody have a great experience, but you and your guests also have the added benefit of taking home a keepsake photo to treasure for ages to come.




Does the photo booth print?

Yes! We print onsite using our FAST commercial grade photo printers.  Our printers use the same Dye Sub printing technology that your local photo lab uses.  What this means is your photos are printed to last!

You can rest assured your prints won't fade and your memories will last not just for the day, for generations to come.

Why SoCal Photo Booth Service?

This is a great question!  We bring over 20 years of technical customer service. Hiring us means that you will have professional equipment during at your event. It  ensures everything will run smoothly as we have doing this for years and. We have nothing but 5 star ratings and bring back up equipment  to each event to ensure you and your guests have a memorable experience in our photo booth.